Being Happy at work


Jeff Haden has published an excellent list of “10 Things Holding You Back From Being Happy at Work“.

Here are the 10 Things to avoid:

1. Assuming your past dictates your future
2. Gossiping
3. Saying yes when you mean no
4. Interrupting
5. Being late
6. Resenting
7. Deciding you just don’t have the time
8. Fitting in
9. Ignoring your parents
10. Waiting

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How to avoid questionable decisions



George Dvorskyin his post The 12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational has listed some “cognitive biases” which can lead us to make grave mistakes. 

He defines the “cognitive biases” as “those annoying glitches in our thinking that cause us to make questionable decisions and reach erroneous conclusions”.

Here is the list:

  1. Confirmation Bias
  2. Ingroup Bias
  3. Gambler’s Fallacy
  4. Post-Purchase Rationalization
  5. Neglecting Probability
  6. Observational Selection Bias
  7. Status-Quo Bias
  8. Negativity Bias
  9. Bandwagon Effect
  10. Projection Bias
  11. The Current Moment Bias
  12. Anchoring Effect

For details read the full post

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Work Smarter, Not Harder: 21 Time Management Tips to Hack Productivity


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Many people try to increase their productivity. There are people who scurry from task to task, always checking e-mail, organizing something, making a call, running an errand, as they think that “staying busy” means you are working hard and you are going to be more successful.There are innumerable hacks and tricks to manage your time effectively.

These are some useful tips to manage your time:

  1. Complete most important tasks first
  2. Learn to say “no”
  3. Sleep at least 7-8 hours
  4. Devote your entire focus to the task at hand
  5. Get an early start
  6. Don’t allow unimportant details to drag you down
  7. Turn key tasks into habits
  8. Be conscientious of amount of TV/Internet/gaming time
  9. Delineate a time limit in which to complete task
  10. Leave a buffer-time between tasks
  11. Don’t think of the totality of your to-do list
  12. Exercise and eat healthily
  13. Do less
  14. Utilize weekends, just a little bit
  15. Create organizing systems
  16. Do something during waiting time
  17. Lock yourself in
  18. Commit to your plan to do something
  19. Batch related tasks together
  20. Find time for stillness
  21. Eliminate the non-essential.
  22. Enjoyment should always be the goal. Work can be play.

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Eight Scientific Strategies To Improve Creativity



Richard Hamming, mathematician at Bell Labs for thirty years, gave a talk before he passed away on the factors that determine why a scientist does or does not make significant contributions. Although his focus was on ideas in science, the wisdom he shared really can be applied to any area where original thought is necessary.

Here are his core insights, 8 strategies to improve creativity:

1. Don’t Think Your Success Is A Matter of Luck
1. Don’t Think Your Success Is A Matter of Luck
1. Don’t Think Your Success Is A Matter of Luck

1. Don’t Think Your Success Is A Matter of Luck
2. Plant Many Small Seeds From Which A Mighty Oak Tree Can Grow
3. Turn Your Problem Around. Change A Defect Into An Asset

 4. Knowledge And Productivity Are Like Compound Interest
5. Find Important People And Problems. Focus Your Mind On Them
6. Prepare Your Mind For Opportunity
7. Work With the Door Open. You Will Sense What Is Important
8. Know When To Work With The System, And When To Go It Alone       

Read here for the full article.

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Cybersecurity: Encryption


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The Diplocalendar 2014 realised by S. Baldi and E. Gelbstein is dedicated to “Cybersecurity: Guidelines for diplomats” and is based on the assumption that “Cyberspace is inherently insecure“.

For the month of October the attention is drawn on “Encryption

Diplocalendar2014_Page_22Image: Diplofoundation

The set of images used in the Diplocalendar 2014 can also be consulted on Slideshare


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