The truth about fear


If you understand the truths about fear, it will be easier to deal with it. In a post published in the Blog Coaching Positive Performance there is a list of 5 of these truths.

1. The outcome you fear is just one of many possible outcomes
2. There will always be fear
3. To eliminate a specific fear, do that which you fear
4. Everyone experiences fear with new challenges
5. Short-term pain is better than long-term pain

For more read the full post


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10 Amazing Intelligences



We often refer to intelligence as a one single concept. The picture can be far more articulated than we think.

In one of his most acclaimed books, “Head First – 10 ways to tap into your natural genius“, Tony Buzan describes 10 different Intelligences that he divides into three major categories:

a) The creative and Emotional intelligences:

1. Creative intelligence (Create Yourself)
2. Personal Intelligence (You and You)
3. Social Intelligence (You and them)
4. Spiritual Intelligence (Heaven knows!)

b) The Bodily Intelligences

5. Physical Intelligence (Body Talk)
6. Sensual Intelligence (Making sense of your senses)
7. Sexual Intelligence (Intelligent sex)

c) The Traditional IQ Intelligences

8. Numerical Intelligence (Count on Yourself)
9. Spatial Intelligence (Mind the Gap)
10. Verbal Intelligence (The power of words)

If you want to know more about each one read the book!


Tips for getting started on your work



If you have a lot of work to do and you have difficulty in getting started, you can try this five actions suggested by Carthage Buckley in the Blog Coaching positive performance:

1. Create a good working environment
2. Have a productivity system in place
3. Know why you are doing it
4. Keep your work environment inviting
5. Have a weekly productivity review

Read the full article.

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What you should do on Friday afternoon


Jacquelyn Smith has published a post on Business insider about the 10 Things Successful People Do On Friday Afternoon.

Here is her list:
1. They reflect on their accomplishments from the week.
2. They figure out their priorities for the following week.
3. They establish a schedule and to-do list for the following week.
4. They carve out downtime for the following week.
5. They get organized.
6. They let people know how accessible they’ll be that weekend.
7. They think about their weekend plans.
8. They plan a fun Friday activity.
9. They acknowledge others’ accomplishments and hard work.
10. They say goodbye to people around the office.

To read the full article:

database plan

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Why Perspective can change your life



What is the role of perspective in our lives? In his Tedx Talk Rory Sutherland says that circumstances may matter less than how we see them.

“Why, for example, are pensioners much happier than the young unemployed? Both of them, after all, are in exactly the same stage of life. You both have too much time on your hands and not much money. But pensioners are reportedly very, very happy, whereas the unemployed are extraordinarily unhappy and depressed. The reason, I think, is that the pensioners believe they’ve chosen to be pensioners, whereas the young unemployed feel it’s been thrust upon them.”


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