10 must-see movies


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Movies can be an important source of inspiration and motivation.

In this article, John Rampton has selected 10 movies which can teach us some useful lessons for work as well as private life.

Among them:

- “The social network” which shows the importance of flexibility and resilience

- “Citizen Kane” by Orson Welles which stresses what is really important in life

- “The pursuit of happiness” which highlights that passion and sacrifice are parts of success

- “Jerry Maguire” which pushes us to believe in our dreams and follow them.



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Things to do before bedtime


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Every day is a new challenge.

To get the most of each working hour, Matthew Toren suggests that these 5 things to do before going to sleep will increase our productivity:

1 Take a look at the calendar

2 Get the gym bag ready

3 Turn off the phone

4 Write in your journal

5 Read a real book

Read the full article here.


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Getting more from your leadership than your technical skills


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Scott Eblin, speaker and author of “The Next Level”, in his post on Govexec writes that, at some point in your career, your leadership skills need to trump your technical skills if you want to make the biggest possible impact. Eblin represents this in a simple graph: the higher you rise in leadership, the leverage in getting higher achievements comes from spending less time on your technical skills and more time exercising your leadership abilities. Here is a list of high “leadership intensive” activities he has collected by asking his readers to give their answer to this question: “What is it, given the leadership role that you are in, that only you can do?”.

  • Set the vision
  • Develop my people
  • Get the right people on the team
  • Allocate resources
  • Establish priorities
  • Build the relationships we need to get stuff done
  • Provide air cover
  • Share perspective and information with the team
  • Keep key people informed about what we are doing
  • Knock down barriers
  • Keep us focused on the plan
  • Monitor and measure progress

Read the full article here.


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Define yourself


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When she was in high school, Lizzie Velazquez - a young woman affected by a syndrome which prevents her from gaining weight – was targeted by bullies for her outer appearance. They put on Youtube a video of Lizzie titled “World’s Ugliest Woman”.

Even if it was not easy, Lizzie managed to react positively and overcome this cruelty. Showing strength and determination she is progressively defining herself reaching her goals. She graduated, she is now a motivator and a writer.

In the TEDX linked below she affirms: “I am going to let my goals and my success and my accomplishments define me, not my outer appearance”.

In the video Lizzie gives us an important lesson on how positive attitude, clear vision and perseverance can help us reach success and react to obstacles in our lives.

How Good is Your Delegation?

Originally posted on Diplo Learning Corner:

Effective delegation is an essential managerial skill and probably one of the most difficult to implement effectively.

The site Mindtools has elaborated a test to measure “How Well Do You Delegate?” and discover Ways to Achieve More. Take this short quiz to explore how well you currently delegate. Your answers will show you if you need to improve. If you do, we’ll direct you to some great resources that will help you.

Image: Diplofoundation

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The value of dissent


Truly accepting dissent is one of the challenges of every human being.

Be it in the private sphere, in politics or in the workplace, the capacity to become enriched by other people’s opinions is crucial in anyone’s personal development.

This article reminds us that the weakness of many workplaces is precisely the fact that leaders rely too much on people who agree with them all the time. The simple truth of any hard choice is that if a decision is important and risky, it should be controversial.

In politics as well as in the workplace, real turning points are never smooth and include, indeed require, extensive and thorough debate. Even in the most heated discussions, one should remind himself of this elementary yet valuable truth.


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