Executives Handling Confidential Information


The article “Inside the Executive Suite” published by Armada Corporate Intelligence features how to handle confidential information.

1.Market-Moving and Insider Information

The first element to consider is whether we are dealing with legally relevant information. In case of positive answer, confidentialty is strictly required.

2.Handling Business Strategy

Be particularly careful if you deal with information that your organization does not want disclosed because it changes the business and competitive environments, typically for the worse.

3.When You Can’t Say, or Don’t Know

The golden rule is to never lie to people. One way to do so is to use a non-committal response, in order to protect your reputation and prevent you from lying.

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Listen and win

Do you need some tips how to become the best leader? Or  you are simply tired of fighting with your partner?

These are the 7 indispensable secrets than can change your personal and professional life:

  1. Stop ignoring people;
  2. Stop faking it;
  3. Stop controlling people;
  4. Stop projecting;
  5. Respect your fellow human;
  6. Empathize with your fellow human;
  7. Use generative listening.

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Eight Steps to End Procrastination


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An article from Website Designs looked at how to end procrastination

Here are 8 small suggestions to follow.

1. Change Your Perception

2. Let Go of Fear

3. Split Up the Project

4. Just Get Started

5. Talk About It Publicly

6. Work In Short Periods

7. Ask for Accountability

8. Reward Yourself

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