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bigstock-The-Most-Important-Call-12761228Do you work in a matrix environment? Do you have several managers making requests of you, each with their own agenda and priorities? How do you effectively cope with more than one boss?

Working in a matrix organization with multiple bosses can create major challenges:

  • Work overload. A common refrain in workplaces around the globe is, “I have too much work to do.” Things can be even worse when you have multiple managers on different projects. Each boss may treat you as if you only work for him or her.
  • Competing demands. Having several bosses can mean competing demands on your time. Whose project gets first priority—especially when every boss believes his or her project should be number one?
  • Conflicting messages. The more managers you have, the more opportunity there is for conflicting messages. Different bosses have different expectations and methods of communicating, and can unintentionally send conflicting…

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