If you ever wonder why we’re in a crisis of leadership all you have to do is to watch and listen to those in positions of leadership. While there are clearly many aspects of leadership that must work together in harmony in order for leaders to be effective, everything breaks down when leaders don’t understand how to engage effectively.

Leadership is not a monologue, a speech, a lecture or a filibuster.
Leadership is not talking at or over people.
Leadership is not about the leader.

The best leaders are not interested in who is right, but what is right. They not only embrace dissenting opinions, but they seek them out at every opportunity. Real leaders are just as at ease when unlearning as they are when learning. And perhaps most importantly, they never pass up an opportunity discuss, converse, dialog, or debate. They know that their leadership is only as good as their ability to engage, listen, discern, and to act.

Following are eight ways to spot real leadership:

1-Not about the platform
2-The art of and not or
4-Not tone Deaf
5-Willing to take the hit
6-Understand Compromise
7-No paralysis

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Image source: Flickr – Photosteve101 – (CC BY 2.0)