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Mary Wroblewski, in her article How to become a diplomatic employee published by The Global Post, suggests 9 steps to reach such an ambitious goal.

Step 1 – Listen carefully and respectfully to your co-workers, especially those whose ideas differ from your own.

Step 2 – Refrain from criticizing your coworkers. If you disagree with a coworker about an idea or decision, don’t tell him you think he’s wrong or question his competence.

Step 3 – Avoid participating in workplace gossip or other behaviors that might pit one side of the workplace against another.

Step 4 – Demonstrate compassion, support and encouragement to coworkers who disagree with a particular strategy or agenda.

Step 5 – Build a consensus by soliciting feedback and ideas.

Step 6 – Recognize when conditions deteriorate and take proactive measures.

Step 7 – Maintain your composure when tempers flare.

Step 8 – Acknowledge your mistakes when they occur.

Step 9 – Share credit with others for accomplishments.

Read here the full article: http://bit.ly/1uDPX6b

6231641551_541c96e583Image source: Flickr – highersights (CC. by 2.0)