John Hall is an accomplished CEO, who usually shares his views and knowledge about leadership. In an article published on Forbes, he focuses on a crucial aspect for good leadership: teambuilding. Since there is no leader without a team to lead, teambuilding is fundamental. So here are Hall’s 12 advises to succeed in creating the best team possible:

  1. Don’t Settle for Mediocre
  2. Be a Thought Leader
  3. Trust is Crucial
  4. Forget the Money… at First
  5. Personal Lives are Important
  6. Maintain Systematic Processes
  7. Diversity Brings Innovation
  8. It’s Okay to Be Friends
  9. Play to People’s Strengths
  10. Great Teams Read Together
  11. Invest in Your First Five Hires
  12. Give Recognition

To deepen these concepts, you can read the full article here

New_Zealand_national_rugby_league_team_(26_October_2008)Image source: Flickr – Naparazzi – (CC BY-SA 2.0)