According to Lolly Daskal (President and CEO, Lead From Within), to stay on top you need to keep innovating.

These 7 habits will help you:

1) Constantly connect the dots, in order to gain new insight and see relationships that were invisible before;

2) Commit to asking questions, by asking new questions you get new perspective;

3) Actively try new things, the real innovation is not in seeking new horizons but seeing the horizon in a new light;

4) Find points of intersection with Others, for ideas to germinate  a diverse set of perspectives, thinkers, questioners, and doers is required;

5) Have a sense of purpose, great innovators are powered by their passion and use it as a sense of purpose;

6) Cross-pollinate ideas, creativity happens when two things collide to create a whole new idea;

7) Make innovation a daily routine, if you want to become a master of anything, it takes discipline and commitment;

Innovation Adoption Curve

Image: Flickr: Jurgen Appelo  – Innovation Adoption Curve (CC BY 2.0)