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Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, but he also was an inventor, a diplomat, a writer and a publisher.

In his writings Benjamin Franklin often mentioned actions and behaviours that could be considered as essential in order to get what people want in life. The list of 14 actions that has been compiled by Business Insider, includes activities that are not necessarily original, but still valid.

1) Less Talk, More Action
2) Don’t Procrastinate
3) Be Prepared
4) Don’t Fight Change
5) Get Moving
6) Avoid Busywork
7) Give Yourself Permission to Make Mistakes
8) Act Quickly on Opportunities
9) Continue to Grow
10) Keep Going
11) Know Yourself
12) Don’t Self-Sabotage
13) Don’t Give Up
14) Wise Up

To learn more about each one of them, read the full post in Business Insider

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