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An article by The Guardian includes 10 tips on how to keep healthy at work by exercising and taking breaks:

1. Stand up: stand up frequently and do the same exercise you would on a long distance flight.

2. Get some fresh air: get out of the building and take a walk around the block.

3. Take the stairs, not the lift: great way to exercise!

4. Look away now: look away from the screen and at the furthest place you can see.

5. Turn your devices off in the evening and overnight: don’t give up your resting time!

6. Go to sleep: get enough sleep and nap if possible.

7. Take time for your lunch: no sandwiches at the desk!

8. Drink water:  keep hydrated.

9. Cut down on caffeine: coffee is dehydrating and it can affect how we sleep.

10. Do tasks for other people: altruism makes you feel better.


Image source: tao-wellness.com