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Eric Garner, in his book Thinking Skills, argues that our brain is the most powerful organ we possess. It is the tool that, if used skillfully, can help us perform better in our job, better in our team and better in our organization.

Thinking Skills are some of the most valuable skills to learn today. Indeed, we live in an Information Age, no longer an Industrial Age. That’s why brain has replaced brawn, and strength in thinking has replaced strength in muscles. No matter what kind of business you work for, nor what kind of job you do, today you are expected to apply a range of thinking skills to the work you carry out. This includes using your judgment; collecting, using, and analyzing information; working with others to solve problems; making decisions on behalf of others; contributing to ideas to innovate and change; and being creative about how your job can function better.

By developing your thinking skills to meet the needs of the modern world, you are guaranteed to succeed.


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Image: FlickrSean MacEntee (CC BY 2.0)