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Nowadays, self-confidence is considered to be one of the key skills one should master to be successful, especially at work. However, it doesn’t mean that on your workplace you should be arrogant, or exceed your own limits, showing off more than you are demanded to. In fact, there is a difference between self-confidence and certainty, and every professional should be humble enough to know that.

Sanjay Sanghoee explains the importance of humility at work, considered both as a moral value and as a form of intellectual honesty. In order to improve your skills, and to create a better working environment, you should, first of all, learn how to be humble. Some advice could be useful:

  1. Think twice before acting;
  2. Ask plenty of questions;
  3. Admit your mistakes and avoid being defensive;
  4. Create your own professional goals.

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Image source: Flickr – Wicker Paradise (CC-BY 2.0)