Great leaders recognize that, like it or not, humans are animals. This is why to be great leaders we can learn a lot from the alpha wolf.

In this article by Eric Shiffer there are listed five main abilities we can learn from alpha wolves:

  1. Be a master communicator. Like wolves use their howl to keep their pack synced, leaders must be good communicators in order to become great leaders;
  2. Buil the pack to mass. Like in a wolf pack, attracting more talented members who embrace your mission and values will make everyone want to contribute more for the group;
  3. Go predator on them. In a wolf pack you work as one to hunt food. Equally a great leader must show his team that by working together to hunt your prey you can survive another day;
  4. Track down your beta. In a wolf pack beta wolf reminds all that alpha is the king. A great leader needs a great number two;
  5. Value your omegas. In a wolf pack lowest-ranking wolves have an important role as safety valve and in absorbing the stress of the pack. Front-line employees play the same role. This is why a great leader must trust and support them.



Image source: Gray Wolf Maya – Wikimedia Commons