Interested in public speaking? Laura Vanderkam, writer and speaker, on Fastcompany suggests some useful tips to engage the audience. Above all:

1. Don’t try to mentally ridicule your audience to get confidence. Simply be focused on the message instead.

2. Don’t think you’ll lose spontaneity if you rehearse. Rehearse to someone instead helps confidence, and confidence helps spontaneity.

3. Starting with a joke is risky to engage the audience. An anecdote is easier to tell and works better.

4. Don’t try to involve the audience anyway. Treat them like professionals.

5. Slides? Not Always. Many speakers give a better talk without.

6. Cutting charts and formulas not always works: numbers and charts may be of real help if clear.

7. Copy the pros? Be yourself instead: you’ll look more naturale and credible.

Image source: Pixabay (CC0)