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Jacob Shriar on the Blog business2community highlights the 10 main challenges you will face when you are assigned to a managerial position.

It can be tough to adjust to this new role and potentially new environment, the first piece of advice is to understand that it’s normal to be nervous.

Here are 10 challenges that you will face to motivate the employees under you:

  1. Failure to Set Clear Goals and Expectations.
  2. Poor Time Management.
  3. Unclear or Inconsistent Communication.
  4. Pressure To Perform.
  5. Shifting From Coworker To Boss.
  6. Hiring.
  7. Firing.
  8. Solving Other People’s Problems.
  9. Getting The Team To Be Productive.
  10. Not Asking For Help.

The key is to change your mindset and get into a new way of approaching work.

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Image source: Pixabay (CC0)